Documentation for the LAT Tracker PDR

June 19, 2001

1          AGENDA

2          Slide Presentations for the Review

3          Top-Level PDR Document

LAT-TD-00156, “LAT Tracker Subsystem Preliminary Design Report,” May 30, 2001.



The reference numbers in the following list correspond to the numbering of references in LAT-TD-00156.

4          Tracker Preliminary Design Review Documents

1.      LAT-SS-00017, “LAT Tracker Subsystem Specification–Level III Specification,” March 26, 2000.

2.      LAT-SS-00134, “LAT Tracker Subsystem Specification–Level IV Specification.”

3.      LAT-DS-00011, “GLAST LAT Silicon Detector Specification,” August 20, 2000.

4.      LAT-SS-00152, “LAT Tracker Subsystem Specification–Level IV Readout Electronics Requirements.”

5.      HTN-102070-0002, “GLAST Tracker Mechanical Design, PDR Design Review Document.”

6.      LAT-SS-00168, “Conceptual Design of the LAT Tracker Electronics Readout System.”

7.      LAT-SS-00169, “Tracker Front-End Readout ASIC Specification,” April 4, 2001.

8.      LAT-SS-00170, “Conceptual Design of the GLAST Tracker Readout Controller Electronics ASIC (GTRC),” September 30, 2000.

9.      LAT-SS-00171, “Specification of the LAT Tracker front-end readout Multi-Chip Module (TMCM).”

10.  LAT-SS-00173, “Tracker Grounding and Shielding Plan,” April 1, 2001.

11.  LAT-SS-00175, “GLAST Tracker Flex Cable Specification,” April 10, 2001.

12.  LAT-SS-00176, “Tracker Electrical Interface Specification,” April 1, 2001.

13.  LAT-SS-00138, “LAT TKR Interface Control Specification,” May 17, 2001.

14.  LAT-TD-00178, “LAT Tracker Reliability Analysis,” January 3, 2001.

15.  LAT-TD-00153, “Test Systems for the GLAST Tracker Front-End Electronics,” May 26, 2001.

16.  LAT-TD-00154, “LAT Tracker Tray Test Plan,”

17.  LAT-TD-00155, “LAT Tracker Tower Test Plan,”

18.  LAT-SS-00172, “LAT Tracker Mechanical Parts and Materials List.”

19.  LAT-SS-00179, “LAT Tracker Electronics Parts List.”

20.  LAT-TD-00177, “Tracker Dimensions and Masses,” May 30, 2001.

21.  LAT-TD-00191, “GLAST LAT Tracker Tower Electrical Test Plan,” June 7, 2001.

5          References

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6          Hytec Inc. Mechanical/Thermal Design Technical Notes

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7          LAT and Tracker Subsystem Supporting Documentation

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2.      LAT-SS-00010, “LAT Instrument Performance Specification.”

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14.  M. Hirayama, “Complete List of Functionality Tests Performed on the GLAST BTEM Tracker Front-end Electronics,” SCIPP 01/16, April 2001.




8          Drawings and Other Relevant Documents




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