QA Site Survey

Teledyne Microelectronic Technology

Nov. 14, 2003


Action Items


Item Responsible Due Date


1 During preproduction, enhance visual acceptance/rejection inspection criteria for Flex Adaptor bonding & trim operation.  Use expanded text and photos to define criteria.  Update 7108742 Para. 5.8 Assembly Process Instructions.  B. Caplen 12/15/03 CLOSED-  Reference Teledyne 7108742, para. 5.8, Post Cure Inspection/Flex cutting.


2 Improve TMCM handling instructions and training.  Add warning and/or caution notes to 7108742 Assembly Process Instructions. B. Caplen 12/15/03 CLOSED-   Teledyne 7108742 has been updated with improved TMCM handling instructions.
3 Corrective Action due to handling incident- Improve fixture to secure multiple TMCMs during cleaning operation which prevents TMCMs from contacting one another.  B. Caplen 12/15/03 CLOSED-  Fixture improved.  No recurrence.
4 Improve material shipments to Teledyne by segregating tall & short TMCMs into different packs which are identified by part no. J. Tice & A. Conceicao 11/17/03 CLOSED-  TMCMs are packaged by part number. Packages are labeled with part no. & qty.
5 Review check-out and validation of TMCM Acceptance Electrical Test Set with Darren Marsh. R. Williams 11/18/03 CLOSED- Reference LAT-TD-02367-03 para. para. #6 Acceptance Test and Burn-in Hardware.
6 Determine what the time limit between bake-out of PWB and start of SMT, Encapsulation & Conformal Coat should be to maintain adequate margin against hydroscopic absorption. J. Clinton 11/21/03 CLOSED-  Time limit is 4 hours.  TMCMs are held in dry box's. 
7 Provide section titles to identify specific references to applicable Teledyne Processes in 7108742 Assembly Process Instructions.  Also identify specific process equipments being used. B. Caplen 11/26/03 CLOSED- specific references to applicable Teledyne Processes in 7108742 Assembly Process Instructions incorporated.
8 Define conformal coating requirements on LAT-DS-00898 and LAT-DS-00899. Including; thickness, no air bubbles (can be popped & retouched if req’d) and inspection acceptance/rejection criteria. J. Clinton 11/21/03 CLOSED  LAT-DS-00898-7 and LAT-DS-00899-7 updated.  Ref. Note #8.
9 When requirements in action item #8 above are provided, establish and incorporate verification method in 7108742 Assembly Process Instructions. B. Caplen 11/26/03 CLOSED- Reference Teledyne 7108742 para. 5.17.6.
10 Update LAT-DS-00898 and LAT-DS-00899 to show stay-out zone for conformal coating around grounding holes. D. Rich 11/21/03 CLOSED- Reference LAT-DS-00898-8 and LAT-DS-00899-7.
11 Ensure Electrical Acceptance Test Procedure summary report has acceptance/rejection criteria clearly stated. R. Williams 11/19/03 CLOSED- Test Summary updated.
12 Update and clarify in SOW that all ASIC die rejected and replaced during Teledyne DRH (rework history) are returned to SLAC. R. Johnson 11/21/03

CLOSED- Reference LAT-PS-02158-09 para. 4.9.

13 When requirements in action item #12 above are provided, update 7108742 Assembly Process Instructions as applicable to define process to get rejected ASIC die to SLAC. B. Caplen 11/26/03 CLOSED- Reference Teledyne 7108742 para. 5.22.
14 Conduct development engineering thermal cycle test to ensure that thermal cycling will not cause capacitors to come loose due to CTE.  Use existing TMCM test samples used during capacitor vibration testing to perform test.  Complete two complete thermal cycles between -50 to 100 deg. C.  Heating and cooling rate can be as fast as feasible (3-5 deg C/min is OK).  Inspect that solder joints do not exhibit cracking.  Jerry Clinton would like to inspect to determine how much encapsulate flows underneath capacitors. B. Caplen 11/21/03 CLOSED- Staking is no longer needed for the capacitors, due to the small size of the mil-spec package.
15 Review manual method of epoxy die attach procedure. Tracy Shepard 11/21/03 CLOSED- Report, Teledyne MicroElectronics Survey & Process Review, dated 11/17/04, T. Sheperd
16 At conclusion of preproduction run, purge and return all remaining GTRC V6 parts to SLAC.  This will be done to ensure that flight production units are assembled with GTRC V7. Elvia Paez ECD 12/23/03 OPEN- Pending completion of preproduction at Teledyne.
17 To avoid ESD, evaluate need for Ionizer during removal of Kapton tape used in masking processes for conformal coating. Elvia Paez 11/21/03 CLOSED- Teledyne has installed an ionizer in this area for use in this process. 
18 After first five preproduction units are complete, establish the production schedule and end-date for balance of preproduction units. Elvia Paez ECD 11/21/03 CLOSED
19 Add fastener torque requirements to design drawings. D. Rich   ECD 11/21/03 CLOSED- Ref. LAT-DS-00898-08 and LAT-DS-00899-7 Note #9.
20 Add IPC-610 to Applicable Documents section of 7108742 Assembly Process Instructions. B. Caplen ECD 11/21/03 CLOSED-
21 Verify cure temperatures of encapsulate and conformal coating with Robert Johnson. J. Clinton ECD 11/21/03 CLOSED- The temperature is 125C for 60 minutes for the encapsulation.  (125C is the maximum adhesive cure temperature allowed after mounting of polyswitches on MCMs)


Owner:  Robert Johnson

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