Date:   Nov 17, 2003 


To:      Distribution    


From:  Tracy Shepherd          

GSFC Sr. Quality Engineer at SLAC


Subject: Teledyne MicroElectronics Survey & Process Review


            -  Supplier’s Name: Teledyne MicroElectronics

            -  Address:      12964 Panama Street

                                    Los Angeles, Ca 90066

            -  Telephone:  (310) 822-8229

            -  Fax:             (310) 822-3573          

            -  Product:     Microelectronic Assemblies

            -  SLAC / GSFC Representative:  Tracy Shepherd


A Survey & Process Review was conducted at Teledyne Technologies on Nov 14, 2003. The purpose of this Survey was to evaluate their processes and manufacturing capabilities prior to the Flight production of the MCM PWB Assemblies.



Teledyne Representatives:


Brian Caplen                           Process Engineer Manager

Rhonda Santiago                     Quality Assurance / Project Manager

Lupe Villegas                          Quality Engineer

Robert Barron                         Product Line Manager


GLAST & GSFC Representatives:


Darren Marsh                          Quality Assurance Manager (representing SLAC)

Jerry Clinton                           Manufacturing Engineer (representing SLAC)

Dave Rich                               Manufacturing Engineer (representing SLAC)

Tracy Shepherd                       Sr. Quality Engineer (representing GSFC)



General Information:


Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies specializes in the Design and Manufacturing of Advanced electronic assemblies. Teledyne fabricates assemblies for aerospace, defense, communications, medical and industrial applications. They are an ISO 9001:2000 company, which was originally founded in 1960.  There are currently over 400 employees based at the Los Angeles facility.









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Nov 17, 2003




Highlights of the Survey:


- All manufacturing areas are environmentally controlled depending on the processes performed.


- Defective or non-conforming materials are identified and properly segregated from acceptable 



- Up to date calibrated machinery is being utilized for fabrication.


- Statistical Process Controls are being utilized in all process applications. SPC data is collected  

  on a daily basis for trend analysis.


- Experienced and trained personnel performing the fabrication processes. Concurrent training

   provided onsite, and supplemented by local instructors.


- Acceptable workmanship standard for soldering, bonding, and epoxy attach processes. Internal  

   criteria is equivalent to NASA workmanship process stds.


- Daily Destructive testing is performed for the wire bond automated equipment.


- Reliability assurance capabilities include, but are not limited to: Worst case analysis, FMEA, 

   and DPA.


- Monthly process reviews held to maintain fabrication acceptability.






- Internal Conformal Coating process procedure is very basic and undefined. No thickness or   

   inspection criteria documented for this application process.


-  The Teledyne (GLAST) Assembly process specification, does not specify applicable sections    

    in the reference documents.


-  No Receiving Inspection being performed for drop shipped parts. Identification and damage

   are the only incoming inspections being performed.










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Nov 17, 2003





Certifications / Qualifications:        


-  ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System (Certified since 1995).        


- D6-82479 Appendix A Advanced Quality Systems.


- MIL-STD-790 Product assurance program for Electronic and Fiber optics part Specification.      





Summary / Recommendations:


Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies has demonstrated their ability to fabricate a flight worthy product through their process and quality controls. Their fabrication experience varies from hybrid to printed and multi-layer assemblies. The only areas needing attention are the conformal coating process and receiving inspection of drop shipped parts. SLAC Engineering is currently working with Teledyne engineering to integrate the instruction and criteria into the GLAST engineering documentation for the conformal coating process. SLAC Quality Management is implementing a plan, to retroactively perform receiving inspection on all previous and future drop shipped parts.