MCM PRR Follow-Up

Action Items

Action Item Who When Status
1 Requalify a new machine shop for MCM machining. David Rich 2/18/04 25 boards were taken to a machine shop in Alameda 2/12/04.
2 Notify Teledyne when boards machined by the new vendor are shipped to Teledyne, so that they can watch out for differences that might affect them. David Rich
3 Pitch-adapter flex circuit needs formal PCB approval. Nick Virmani 2/18/04
4 Add solder wire and SN62 solder paste to the approved materials list. Nick Virmani 2/18/04
5 Purge down-rev connectors and GTRC V6 chips from Teledyne following completion of the preproduction. Ralph Martin
6 Reduce torque specification for jack screws of the connector savers.  Revise LAT assembly drawings accordingly. David Rich 2/18/04
7 Reduce torque specification for jack screws of the connector savers.  Revise Teledyne process instructions accordingly. Brian Caplen 2/18/04
8 Send CFM to Teledyne for flight production.  PWBs, GTFE, connector savers, screws, shipping/storage containers, connectors. Jeff Tice 2/18/04

Done 2/20/04

9 Perform source inspection on parts at SLAC before delivery to Teledyne.  No more drop shipping. Jeff Tice
10 Qualify automatic die attach before introducing it into the flight production. Brian Caplen
11 Make longer, wider carriers to improve handling of MCMs with wire bonds.  Flight production can begin with the present tooling. Brian Caplen
12 Test and document results of offset wire bonding on ASIC pads. Brian Caplen 2/18/04 Done for half of the program, with excellent results.
13 Provide fixtures for process improvement: MCM holders for MCM vapor cleaning and for plasma cleaning. Brian Caplen
14 Provide go-no-go fixtures for flight production. David Rich 2/20/04
15 Update and release the Teledyne process spec, including the LAT MIPs. Brian Caplen 2/18/04
16 Update and release the test procedure documentation. Robert Johnson 2/18/04 Updated and in release 2/18/04
17 Vacuum test several MCMs as soon as possible. Robert Johnson 2/18/04 Done by 2/18/04 with positive results.

Owner:  Robert Johnson

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