Two pitch adapters bonded to MCM PWBs, for evaluation in Italy.

Inspection Record (pdf)

Metrology Report (pdf) 


Provide the Italian team with two TMCM PWBs with Pitch Adaptors installed using the current Teledyne bonding, trimming and inspection processes.  The Italian Team is to evaluate the Pitch Adaptor installation and determine the acceptability as it pertains to wire bonding performed on the Italian side.



Two TMCM PWBs (Serial No. 515 & 573) with bonded and trimmed Pitch Adaptor have been pulled from Teledyne's preproduction run.  These samples are NOT populated with SMT components, connectors, ASICs, wire bonds, encapsulation, or conformal coating.


The two Pitch Adaptor samples were randomly selected from the second lot (lot size=8) of Teledyne's preproduction PWBs.  These samples are representative of Teledyne's current Pitch Adaptor bonding and trimming process capabilities.


A visual inspection was performed at Teledyne by David Rich on 12/5/03 using the Pitch Adaptor Inspection Procedure.  The Pitch Adaptor Inspection procedure for preproduction is a draft which will be released prior to flight production.  Reference (InspectionRecord.pdf) for Pitch Adaptor Inspection Results.

Noted on inspection of Serial No. 515, that one (1) single trace located on the Italian side is partially lifted.  This one element would have suspect and would have to be dispositioned under current inspection criteria.


The samples were hand carried to SLAC Inspection Lab where the samples were measured for straightness along the Italian edge using an optical comparator.

TMCM Serial No. 515 was straight within 0.0587 mm and Serial No. 573 was straight within 0.0713 mm.  Reference (MetrologyReport.pdf).


The TMCM PWB samples will be packaged for hand carry to Italy.  The TMCM PWBs are individually secured in their plastic protective cases (fastened by six mounting screws) and the protective cases are sealed in clean plastic bags.  Jeff Tice will provide the Pro Forma Invoice documenting contents.  Jeff Tice confirmed that he has delivered these sample TMCMs to Mr. Bellazzini today at SLAC.