Action Item List for the Tracker Mid-Tray Panel Production Startup

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# Items from the April 14,15 PRR at Plyform Due Date Responsible Deliverable Status
1 Aluminum honeycomb grounding . Nov 21 TB/BJ Assembly and tube drawings Closed pending release of drawings.  Need details on flex circuit fabrication for drawing.
2 Passivation of loose carbon particles and fibers. Dec 1 INFN/TB/BJ Procure materials.  Add inspection for fibers on cut edge to procedure.  Update drawings. Open.  Proposed solution is to use the nonconductive black paint.  Procurement of primer and thinner by Plyform is pending.  Drawing update and release pending.  Step needs to be added to procedure to check the cut edge for loose fibers and passivate them with epoxy as required.
3 Release of the assembly procedure, LAT-PS-01584. Dec 1 INFN/TB/BJ Document 1548 Open.  Need to consider/incorporate Jerry's redlines and submit for signoff & release.
4 Incorporate the ESPI test into the assembly procedure. Closed
5 Write and release a procedure on ESPI, LAT-PS-01918.  This needs to include an inspection results retention plan (presumably the fabrication database). Nov 17 INFN Document 1918 Open.  Still no draft of this has been seen at SLAC.
6 Update the Plyform traveler to include delivery of the tray panel to INFN for the ESPI test. Dec 1 INFN Traveler update, if necessary. Open.  This needs to be checked in the traveler.  
7 Define tray cleaning and processing activities not performed at Plyform. Closed, as far as the Plyform tray-panel production work is concerned.  Documentation of the vibration test and vacuum bake-out needs to be done, but these happen after Plyform is completely finished.
8 State mass requirement on the drawings and update the procedure to reflect this requirement. Nov 21 Jerry, BJ Drawings Open.  The mass requirements for bare and finished panels need to be called out on the drawings. 
9 All drawings need to explicitly state identification requirements. Nov 21 BJ, Sandro Drawings Closed for drawings, but the procedure needs to specify the marking materials and method.  
10 The Plyform Quality Plan for Tracker Tray Assembly needs to be released prior to production.  It should explicitly reference LAT-PS-01584. Nov 21 INFN Int Plan Open.  INFN needs to find out whether this was done.
11 Maintain a master control document list for tray activities that lists the current revision level. Nov 21 TB/RJ Updated drawing tree Open pending update of the Tracker Drawing Tree following release of all the tray-panel production drawings.
12 Closure of CDR RFAs relating to tray assembly. Closed.
13 Revise the assembly procedure to reflect contamination control requirements at Plyform. Closed.
14 Add SLAC drawing revision numbers as required information to be filled out on the Plyform travelers. Closed
15 Establish inspection forms for all inspection activities, including acceptance/rejection criteria.   Each form shall have an identifying number. Dec 1 INFN Inspection forms Open.  This needs to be verified in Action #20.
16 Document the tray production database. Dec 1 INFN Document 1601 Open pending review and release of the document LAT-TD-01601.
17 Assign responsibility for receiving inspection of all raw materials and piece parts. Dec 1 INFN/SLAC Open.  The review in Action #20 should check on this. 
18 Source inspection by LAT QA of the first ten flight trays manufactured. Open
# Additional Action Items Status
19 The LAT-PS-01584 procedure must be called out on assembly drawings. Nov 21 TB/BJ Drawings Closed
20 Review of travelers and inspection forms at Plyform. Dec 1 INFN/SLAC Report on results of the review. Open.  Nanda and Darren will arrange this in such a way as not to delay the start of production.
21 Make a production schedule and send to Tom for the rebaseline. asap AB schedule Open.  Sandro.
22 Final review and release of drawings for flight build. Nov 21 Open.  Release in progress.  Review needs to be prompt.
23 Procure, QC, and ship bias circuits. Dec 5 SLAC Open
24 Honeycomb - 100% inspection Nov __ INFN Final NCR Open  
25 Honeycomb - MRB Dec ___ SLAC Disposition Open  - Waiting for Final NCR
26 Honeycomb - Replace defective units or whole lot Dec ___ SLAC PO Open - Waiting for MRB
27 Assembled Tray Procedures - Bakeout, Transport & Handling, Shake Test Jan __ INFN Procedures Open


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