TRK ELPDR Documents

Design & Specifications

  LAT-SS-00168 TRK Elec. Conceptional Design

  LAT-SS-00152 Lvl-4 Requirements

  LAT-SS-00169 Readout ASIC (GTFE) Specifications

  LAT-SS-00170 Controller ASIC (GTRC) Specifications

  LAT-SS-00171 TMCM Specifications

  LAT-SS-00173 Ground-Shielding Plan

  LAT-SS-00175 Flex Cable Specifications

  LAT-SS-00176 Electrical interface Specifications

  LAT-TD-00178 Reliability Analysis

  LAT-SS-00179 Electrical Parts List (Preliminary)

  LAT-TD-00244 TOT Requirements for the LAT TKR


Test Plans

  LAT-TD-00246 Readout ASIC (GTFE) Prototype Test Plan

  LAT-TD-00247 GTFE Wafer Probing Test Procedure

  LAT-TD-00248 GTRC Wafer Probing Test Procedure

  LAT-TD-00249 TMCM Test Plan

  LAT-TD-00191 Tower Electrical Test plan

  LAT-TD-00153 Electronics Test Systems

Test Results

  LAT-TD-00232 Noise Analysis of the LAT TRK Amplifier

  LAT-TD-00333 Radiation Test Results (Heavy Ions)

  LAT-TD-00364 Noise Occupancy in the BTEM 

NIMA457 BTEM Construction NIM A Paper

SLAC-8549 BTEM Electronics Paper