PDR Documentation Index for Design Process and Engineering
1/4/02 3:05 PM
LAT IOC SAS TKR CAL ACD Mech. Elect/ DAQ Pwr Flt S/W I & T Perf. Simul.
• Plans                          
      Risk Mgt Plan LAT-MD-67       LAT-MD-236              
      Test Methodology/Plan LAT-SS-446 Due After CDR See PDR Rpt LAT-SS-322 LAT-TD-191 LAT-SS-262     LAT-TD-296 LAT-TD-296   LAT-SS-446  
      EEE Parts Program Plan LAT-MD-99                      
      Mechanical Parts Plan LAT-SS-107                      
      Flt Software Management Plan                   LAT-MD-104    
      SAS Management Plan     LAT-MD-360                  
      Contamination LAT-MD-404     LAT-MD-228 LAT-MD-228              
      Performance and Safety Assurance LAT-MD-78                      
      Ground & Shielding Plan LAT-SS-291     LAT-SS-173 LAT-MD-272     LAT-SS-291 LAT-SS-291   See LAT-TD-426  
      Configuration Mgt Plan LAT-MD-68                      
• Design Allocations                        
      Physical v v v v v v v v v v v v
      Functional v v v v v v v v v v v v
• Design margin and budget estimates                        
      Mass LAT-TD-125     LAT-TD-177 v v LAT-TD-325 v v      
      Power LAT-TD-125     LAT-TD-177 v v v v v      
      Reliability LAT-TD-359     LAT-TD-178                
      Operability LAT-TD-359                      
• Interface Control Definitions                        
      Instrument Systems 433-IRD-001     LAT-SS-138 LAT-DS-233 LAT-SS-241 LAT-DS-38 LAT-SS-294     Due at CDR  
• Subsystem Design Report                        
      Report Available LAT-TD-402 LAT-TD-428 LAT-TD-322 LAT-TD-156 LAT-TD-242 LAT-TD-429 LAT-TD-280 LAT-TD-458 LAT-TD-458 LAT-TD-458 LAT-TD-426  
      Level III Requirement   LAT-SS-21 LAT-SS-20 LAT-SS-17 LAT-SS-18 LAT-SS-16 LAT-SS-115 LAT-SS-19 LAT-SS-136   LAT-SS-456 See LAT-SS-10
      Level IV Requirement     LAT-SS-505 LAT-SS-134 LAT-SS-210     LAT-SS-284 LAT-SS-183      
      Interface Control Document LAT-DS-38 Due before CDR Due before CDR LAT-SS-176 LAT-SS-238 LAT-SS-241   LAT-SS-467 See Elec/DAQ      
LAT-SS-138 LAT-DS-273
      Diagrams v v v v v v v v v v v  
      Design Products v v v v v v v v v v v  
• Analysis/Modeling/Design                        
      Thermal LAT-TD-280     LAT-TD-522   v LAT-TD-280 v See Elec/DAQ      
      Structural LAT-TD-234     LAT-TD-522   v LAT-TD-234 v See Elec/DAQ   v  
      Physics Simulation                       v
      Electrical         LAT-SS-87           v  
      Optical/Radiometric/Beam         v LAT-TD-438         LAT-TD-440  
      Calibration/Computing     See PDR:  LAT-TD-322               v v
      Part stress                        
      Software   v See PDR:  LAT-TD-322         v     v v
      EMC/EMI       LAT-SS-173 LAT-MD-272 v   v See Elec/DAQ   v  
      Producibility/Manufacturing LAT-MD-91   See PDR:  LAT-TD-322 LAT-TD-155 LAT-SS-262     Concept Design Report See Elec/DAQ   v  
• Compliance Charts                        
      Compliance/Verification Charts Available v                      
• Safety & Mission Assurance                        
      Reliability/FMEA Report LAT-MD-366     LAT-TD-178 LAT-TD-464 LAT-TD-523   LAT-TD-295        
      Mechanical Parts List LAT-DS-405     LAT-TD-172                
      Electrical Parts List LAT-TD-401     LAT-TD-179                
      Limited Life/Critical Item Lists       LAT-TD-178 LAT-TD-464 LAT-TD-523            
     Material & Processes List LAT-DS-405                      
      Orbital Debris                        
      Worst Case Analysis                        
• Trade Studies                        
    Information Available v v See PDR:  LAT-TD-322 v v v v v v v v  
(v)  Represent a pointer is available in the website or presented in Design Review
      Not Applicable
  Contact Subsystem Manager for current version
      Not Applicable for PDR