GLAST LAT PDR/Baseline Review

January 8-11, 2002

Presentation Material

Tuesday, January 8, 2002 - Morning Session   

Introduction and Overview P. Michelson
W. Althouse
S. Ritz
T. Kamae

Tuesday, January 8, 2002 - Afternoon Session

Systems Engineering Overview (WBS 4.1.2) T. Thurston
Performance, Safety Assurance, and Subsystem Overview (WBS 4.1.A) D. Marsh
Tracker (WBS 4.1.4) R. Johnson
Calorimeter (WBS 4.1.5) N. Johnson
Anti-Coincidence Detector (WBS 41.6.) D. Thompson
Electronics and Flight Software (WBS 4.1.7) G. Haller/JJ Russell
Mechanical Systems (WBS 4.1.8) M. Nordby
Instrument Integration and Testing (WBS 4.1.9) E. Bloom
Instrument Operation Center (WBS 4.1.B) S. Williams
Science Analysis Software (WBS 4.1.D) R. Dubois



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