Status of CAL MIP Algorithms


Dear Steve,

not much to report today, since we are still debugging the Gaudi mip-finding tool. Besides David Smith arrives in less than 1 hour to meet with us at Ecole Polytechnique and discuss various things (like our planning for I&T these next months - I plan to spend several weeks at SLAC this summer, etc.). So I won't attend the ana meeting today.

However, here are some quick news concerning the mip-finding tool: after complete debugging, we'll start this week (with the help of Tracy)

1/ the update of its outputs (track candidates) to the TDS

2/ the modifications of the HepRep service to add these outputs to the FRED event display in a view of better understanding the algorithm behaviour and of scanning events easily.


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Frederic Piron

Laboratoire de Physique Theorique et Astroparticules (LPTA)

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