Calibration and Analysis Science Group

Paper Topics

Here is a DRAFT list of potential paper topics for the group, along with an approximate (optimistic?) timeframe.  In some cases, there will be overlaps with the subsystem teams, which should produce papers describing each subsystem and its basic performance.

  TOPIC Timeframe
1 Response of the GLAST LAT Calorimeter to Heavy Ions June 2005
2 Response of the GLAST LAT Calorimeter to High-Energy Electrons June 2005
3 Energy Reconstruction in the GLAST LAT August 2005
4 Track Reconstruction in the GLAST LAT (combine CAL+TKR into one recon paper?) August 2005
5 Isolated Track Finding in the GLAST LAT Segmented Calorimeter September 2005
6 Onboard Event Filtering in the GLAST LAT December 2005
7 Observation of Pi-0's in the Sea-level Cosmic Ray Induced Airshowers with the GLAST LAT January 2006
8 Use of Decision Trees in GLAST LAT Event Analysis February 2006
9 A Monte Carlo Truth Pattern Recognition for Algorithm Verification and Testing February 2006
10 Performance of the GLAST LAT Tracking System Derived from Cosmic Ray Testing Prior to Launch March 2006
11 GLAST Mock-Data Challenges Prior to Launch April 2006
12 Position Errors in Finite Thickness Silicon Strip Detectors May 2006
13 Use of Complete Monte Carlo Geometry for Determination of Multiple Scattering Errors June 2006
14 Beam Test of the GLAST LAT Flight Hardware September 2006
15 Background Rejection in the GLAST LAT September 2006
16 Expected Instrument Performance of the GLAST LAT December 2006