A Test by Toby

The tests are only commented out in the HEAD of GEANT4TEST, so Iím confused by that comment. The changes that Tracy made to generate his plots are on the HEAD. Iíve rerun my analysis on the glast windows server, running against the version of G4 5.1, including the MS from 5.2 that Tracy distributed. This is pretty independent of the GR, so is of course exactly what I got during the testing before, but here it is:



We are using the one on the right, which uses the code that Tracy adapted from G4 3.2 used to compute multiple scattering. It is selected using the same mechanism (an object factory) that is now used in G4Generator. Note that the RMS is actually about the same! I also ran GEANT4TEST at SLAC, using the version of G4 5.1 that Alex installed. It seems to have the 5.2 MS patch, since both options look the same as for the Windows installation.


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Subject: udpate on running events


 I have run the first 0.5 M allGamma last night; the 2nd 0.5 M is running now. I included the head of AnalysisNtuple with the run (Leon tagged it last night afterwards).


 The debug output is still on in Root I/O, so the jobs are running a bit slower - notably the 10 GeV run for the system tests, so we're waiting for that to end to be able to see the full systests suite on the web.


 It would be nice to run the MS slab tests to verify we're still happy (the log files do say we're using 3.2 MS). I note that all tests are commented out of GEANT4TEST. Maybe Toby could run his test here today?