MeritTuple tuple status

We use the RootTupleSvc facility, which manages multiple ROOT TTrees in a single file. The TTree (or tuple) can have entries which are arrays of any basic type, can be filled from any algorithm, and are not necessarily saved for each event.

A new standard is to provide documentation in line with the actual code, using the "page" directive of doxygen, and the ReleaseManager automatic links to the latest release. 


Now generated in meritAlg, and default documentation will be a doxygen page defined there.

(currently messed up)

No change in definitions or names. But all are float.


Defined in meritAlg. Not yet documented there.


Defined and documented in FluxSvc: see here.

Mc, Glt, Tkr, Vtx, Cal, Acd, Evt

Copied from respective xxValsTool's to the MeritTuple in meritAlg.  Actually defined in AnalysisNtuple. All still double, no arrays.

FT2 tuple

Defined in FluxSvc/PointingInfo to have same types as the FITS file.

Tree name is FluxAlg.root_tree, default "pointing_history".

Filled as each clock tick is processed. (Except the first).

How about int or float (instead of all doubles)?

See previous talk: recall that only the mission elapsed time (EvtElapsedTime) needs to be a double.

Also, how about arrays? For example, CalELayer[8] instead of the 8 variables CalELayer0, CalELayer1, ... This is now used for FT1 and FT2 arrays.


28 Mar 2005 07:51 -0800