DC2 Prep Meeting


We will be having a 3 day workshop on June 27,28 and 29 at Goddard.

This will be a face-to-face meeting primarily for those preparing for DC2. The workshop will cover topics in simulation and data analysis which relate to DC2 including things like detector simulation, reconstruction, event classification, source modeling, high level science analysis and data servers.

A preliminary draft of the workshop webpage can be found here:


Further information about the workshop will be added to this page shortly.

Visitors to Goddard require a security badge to get past the front gate. Please let us know if you intend to attend this meeting so that we can arrange a security badge for you. We will need at least a weeks notice to get a badge for a US citizen. It takes several weeks to process a badge for non-US citizens, so we need to get this process rolling as soon as possible. **If you are not a US citizen and think that you may attend this workshop, then please download the access request form from the workshop webpage, fill it out and email it to me (mcenery@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov) by May 20**.