News From Richard

9 June 2003

Since I will be tied up in a BABAR computing review all Monday and Tuesday, here's a status update from 7pm Sunday...

       System tests have been run. See and select v3r0. Note that the tests were not run with the geometry corrected CalValTool, so the corrected energy still looks funny. Note also that we reset the sphere to 6 m^2, so the AllGamma and backgndavg normalizations are different again. See for all the details on v3r0. Please look the tests over and try to identify any problems.

       I have run off 1M (requested) AllGamma events and pruned the AnaTuple (using the corrected AnalysisNtuple version), yielding 133k events. See

       10M requested backgndavgpdr events are just wrapping up overnight; ~9M in the can so far. These are in and are not yet pruned.

       I've sent Heather instructions on where the files are and she has agreed to prune the trees and backgnd ntuple.
       You've seen my notes on G4 validations and discussions with Richard Mount.
       In starting a MS Project file for DC1, I'm aware of G4 validations, onboard filter and running a day's sources as the major items to follow up. Geometry reviews for TKR and CAL are to happen this week.