The Science Group coordinators and the Groups are charged to:

and time for each meeting on the master calendar for the science

groups. (Pat Nolan is a resource for doing this.). The scheduling of

meetings should be driven by the active group members. The purpose of

posting the time and date is to allow other collaboration Members to attend

if they want to.

and, with special attention to papers likely to be generated from data

obtained during the first year of operation, update the list. Each group

should do this. Also, identify any papers that the group can generate

before launch.

include a schedule with detail that is sufficient to drive near term

accomplishments (i.e. between now and the September Collaboration

meeting.). At the September Collaboration meeting the coordinators should

report to the whole collaboration on what has been accomplished by their

group. These reports will be a regular agenda at future Collaboration


meetings, reports, etc. The primary purpose of the group web sites are to

facilitate exchange of information concerning ongoing work, to serve as an

archive, and to be a reference for the Collaboration members who are not

members of a particular science group to learn about the group's ongoing

work and accomplishments. The web sites will serve to reinforce the

principle that science activities are open to all collaboration Members.