Here is a table of the minimal parameters from the old tuple that we need.  We will be improving these and adding to the list.  We must also improve and enforce the naming conventions.

 Updated 08/16/2002 06:31

pdrApp tuple name(s) Description
Trig_Bits L1 trigger bits
ACD_Throttle_Bits, ACD_TileCount, ACD_No_SideRow0,1,2 Geographic tile hit counts
REC_Act_Dist, REC_Act_Dist_TOP, REC_Act_Dist_SideRow0,1,2 active distance, by geographic region
TKR_No_Tracks track info
Cal_Energy_Deposit raw energy sum in CAL
REC_Surplus_Hit_ratio number of hits within road around best track, divided by # layers
MC_src_Id, MC_zdir, MC_Gamma_Err, Elapsed_Time, Event_ID MC Truth info, event number
CAL_Xtal_Ratio, CAL_Fit_errNrm, CAL_eLayer0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7, CAL_Z, CAL_No_Xtals_Trunc, CAL_long_rms, CAL_transv_rms CAL recon variables
REC_Tkr_SkirtX,Y project best track to CAL interface and calculate X,Y position.
TKR_Zbottom; TKR_First_XHit lowest Z position of end of best track; highest Z position of end of best track (names could be better here!)
REC_CsI_Corr_Energy CAL energy corrected for leakage and loss in TKR
ACD_Deposit_Max by region Maximum pulseheight in ACD tiles, by region (not in public tuple in pdrApp)  Useful for revealing hidden showers, i.e., showers largely outside CAL from cosmics that deposit some energy in the TKR.
TKR_qual, TKR_t_angle, TKR_Fit_Kink, TKR_xeneXSlope, xeneYSlope TKR recon variables
TKR_Gamma_zdir reconstructed gamma cos(theta)