GLAST Calorimeter Software Weekly Report
Weeks of 31 May, 7 June 2004


Sasha:  Prepared for and attended I&T kickoff meeting.  Gave talk on muon analysis.  Editing IEEE paper.  Continued discussions with Pol concerning correlated vs. uncorrelated pedestal noise representation.

Zach:  updated ciFit to make it build properly on linux.  Set up glast software development environment on linux at slac and also on glast-ts windows terminal server.  Attempted to debug Bill Atwood's problem in calvaltools.  Can't duplicate error (nor can Bill);  waiting for error to reoccur.  Learned Gaudi Basics, ready to start writing actual code starting mon 6/14

Andrey:  for the past week (wk of 31 May)  I have finally set up all the necessary software packages for my light attenuation mapping task.

Heather helped me to make EbfConverter running on XP, and right now I am trying (with help from Wiz) to make process of file conversion automated, i.e. to write a script that will run Gleam on one file after another until all 70 are processed.  I converted so far 10 files running Gleam by the click of the mouse button, but really want to make my batch-script working.

I am still (wk of 7 June) in process of reconstructing high-energy muons runs files from SLAC.  I will finish this job in a couple of days.

At the same time I spent some time looking at the Xin's code for light-tapering in calibGenCal, trying to get into how it works.   It looks not too bad, and I hope to get more insight and understanding once I will run the code on the actual data.

Mark:  Continued development of geometry document.  Hopefully draft by 24 June (leaving on vacation).

In addition, we have been engaging in discussions concerning writing a calibration parameters server (probably Zach) and rewriting CalRecon to allow such things such as improved support of iterative recon (i.e. not overwriting results of first iteration), structure to allow multiple clusters, and structure to allow multiple recon algorithm passes.  This will be a collaborative effort between LLR and NRL, but requires requirements work from Neil and Sasha to be performed.


Pol:  no report

Berrie:  see report on recon performance testing.


Thierry, Benoit, Johan: Beside the I&T activity, I worked on tuning my heavy-ion package using the GSI data. The current version is not entirely satisfactory yet.

I also gave some thoughts to the definition of the GCRCalib algorithms.  A short manuscript is being written up.

See report on ionization peak width and nuclear interaction patterns.


Frederic: No report.


No report


No report