Data Challenge 1
Status And Information

Data Challenge 1 started in Sept 2003and will end in a closeout meeting Feb 12-13, 2004.
Goals for Data Challenge 1
Data Challenge 1 Closeout Meeting Page

Useful Information Status Updates
The DC-1 User Guide can be found here
The output data are described here
The Likelihood Tutorial is here
The DC-1 e-mail list archives are here
(subscribe to it here)
DC-1 ftp download site is here (old)
(Contains Science Tools code, data, updates, etc.)
Julie McEnery's Redhat 9 code tarball is here
The December DC-1 Workshop is here
Find a list of who is doing what here
Candid Pictures from the workshop are here
Accessing the Data Want to Share Your Stuff With Everyone Else?
Science Support Center Data Server here
Navid's Data Server here
Post your stuff on the DC-1 Wiki Page here
(Thanks to Pat Nolan for setting this up!)

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