June 2005 Data Challenge II software Workshop

(all times Eastern Standard Time)

Meeting Room: room 8, in Building 2

Session Theme




June 27
Simulations and Recon.
Morning Coffee   8:30-9:00
DC2 status and schedule / Workshop goals[pdf] Julie McEnery 9:00-9:20
Recon Overview and Status (ppt) Tracy Usher 9:20-9:50
Spacecraft geometry Steve Ritz 9:50-10:00
Background sources [ppt] Toby Burnett 10:00-10:25
Methods for interleaving background (pdf, ppt) Richard Dubois 10:25-10:50
break   30 min
Onboard filter (pdf, ppt) Richard Hughes 11:20-11:35
Status/plans for low level data server/catalog (pdf, ppt) Tony Johnson 11:35-11:50
June 27
Event Analysis
MIP Finder [ppt] Frederic Piron 14:00-14:15
Background rejection activities in Italy [pdf, ppt] Francesco Longo 14:15-14:35
Classification Trees in Gleam[ppt] Toby Burnett 14:35-15:00
Earth Albedo Model [pdf] Dirk Petry  
Break   30 min
A first DC2 Analysis with New Recons (pdf, ppt) Bill Atwood 15:30-17:00
June 27
Group Dinner (no-host)


June 28
Instrument Response Functions
Morning Coffee   8:30-9:00
Parameterisations [ppt], additional plots [pdf] Toby Burnett 9:00-9:30
The "test" IRFs - why we should use them [pdf] Jim Chiang 9:30-9:50
Accessing the IRFs (IrfLoader, python) [pdf] Jim Chiang 9:50-10:00
Discussion [pdf]   10:00-10:20
Morning Tue June 28  Sensitivity and observability estimators
Break   30 mins
Orbit/pointing for DC2/Exposure Calculators Julie McEnery 11:05-11:20
TAKO engine for orbit and attitude  [sxi,pdf] Giuseppe Romeo 10:50-11:05
Tour of ACD Dave Thompson 11:30-12:15
Lunch   12:15-13:45
June 28
Source Model /Sky Definition
overview[ppt] McEnery/Digel 13:45-14:10
AGN [pdf] Jim Chiang 14:10-14:30
Pulsars[ppt] Massimiliano Razzano 14:30-14:50
Galactic Diffuse [pdf] [ppt] Seth Digel 14:50-15:10
GRB [ppt] Valerie Connaughton 15:10-15-30
  EUD Colloquium
EUD Colloquium: SPEAR Reveals the Far UV Galaxy Jerry Edelstein 15:30-17:00
Or hang around and work together    
Morning Wed June 29 Science Tools
Coffee   8:30-9:00
Likelihood performance (accuracy and speed)[pdf] Jim Chiang 9:00-9:20
Pulsar analysis [pdf] [ppt] Hirayama/Peachey 9:20-9:40
GRB analysis (joint spectral fits)[ppt] David Band 9:40-10:00
Catalog analysis and plans for DC2 [ppt] Isabelle Grenier 10:00-10:20
Break   30 min
  High level data servers, installers and documentation
Brief Overview [pdf] [ppt] James Peachey 10:50-11:00
Summary of Analytical Objectives [pdf] [ppt] Seth Digel 11:00-11:20
User Support Goals and status [pdf] [ppt] James Peachey 11:20-11:50
Lunch   11:50-14:00
Data products/formats[ppt] David Band 14:00-14:20
data servers at GSSC [ppt,pdf] Tom Stephens 14:20-14:40
Break   30 mins
Discussion and summary of plans for ScienceTools [pdf] [ppt] Seth Digel 15:10-15:40
Discussion and summary of plans for background rejection analysis[ppt] Steve Ritz 15:40-16:10


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