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Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 4:20 PM
To:; Don Kniffen; Mark Goans
Cc: Kevin Grady; Al Vernacchio; Jack Leibee; Bernie Graf
Subject: Re: GLAST Project RFA Response for your Review
Since this is mostly a science algorithm question and is outside my area of expertise I think that Don should have the final say on this one. I'll concur with whatever his response is.

Fred Huegel

At 04:03 PM 5/19/2004, Mark E. Melton wrote:
Fred and Don,
Attached is a response to an RFA you co-wrote at the GLAST LAT CDR.  Mark Goans, the Code 300 Review chair, has asked that all Project approved RFA responses be reviewed and approved by the originators prior to official submittal to him.
Please review the attached response and let me know if it satisfactorily closes the RFA you generated.  You can provide your approval or comments back to me and I will distribute them to the appropriate GLAST Project personnel.
A response is attached for the following RFA:

Thank you for your review and response,
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