From: Ron Zellar []
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: GLAST Project RFA Responses for your Review
Hi Mark,

Thank you for closing the loop on these RFA's.  As a reviewer I value this kind of follow through.

I have some relatively minor comments for the response to the GLAST S/C FSW PDR RFA #9 which I note below.  Otherwise, please consider the other two actions closed.

Many thanks,

The integrated system risk tracking process described in the RFA response is sound and I commend it.  However, I would like to be reassured that the software subsystem leads are also tracking risks.  It may be that their risks are not selected for the Risk Watch List, but they must have some risks.  (No software development is completely risk free.)  I am highly satisfied with the response to this RFA, but not completely satisfied.  If I received reassurance (an email?) from the S/C software Leads (FSW and GNC) that they are tracking risks independent of the Risk Watch List, I would be completely satisfied.  I'll consider this action open for now.

Thank you for the response.  I consider this action closed.

GLAST Mission PDR # 6:
Thank you for creating a GBM FSW Test Plan.  I consider this action closed.

Attached are 3 responses to RFAs you wrote at the GLAST Spacecraft FSW PDR, LAT CDR, and Mission PDR.  Mark Goans, the Code 300 Review chair, has asked that all Project approved RFA responses be reviewed and approved by the originators prior to official submittal to him.
Please review the attached responses and let me know if they satisfactorily close the RFAs you generated.  You can provide your approval or comments back to me and I will distribute them to the appropriate GLAST Project personnel.
Responses are attached for the following RFAs:
GLAST Spacecraft FSW PDR # 9
GLAST Mission PDR # 6
Thank you for your review and response,
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Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:FSW PDR RFA 9 Response.doc (WDBN/MSWD) (0003900F)
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Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:MPDR RFA 6 Response.doc (WDBN/MSWD) (00039011)

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