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Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 9:01 AM
To: Pat Hascall; Paul Baird; Chris Fransen
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Subject: FW: GLAST Project RFA Responses for Originator Review
Below are comments from Jim Ryan regarding the 3 RFAs we recently sent to him.  He has closed CDR 16 and PDR 44; however, he did provide some comments to them.
Also, he is requesting further clarification on PDR 47 per his comments below.  Pat, please provide the additional clarification he is requesting (assuming his information is correct) and resubmit the response to me.  I will then pass it on to Minh.
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Subject: Re: GLAST Project RFA Responses for Originator Review


CDR #16  OK as is.  However, it will be more difficult to get a good "tap test" on such a large structure.  Preferred method is low level sine sweep.  In either case, you need an appropriate level of instrumentation (accelerometers).

PDR #44  OK as is.  This AI was written several years ago in an attempt to learn more about composite joint designs early so that subsystem tests went more smoothly.  With the maturity of the design and the tests that have been done already, additional joint tests to determine joint allowables is probably not necessary. 

PDR #47  Needs more clarification for Tower and Calorimeters. 


It is my understanding after talking with Minh Phan, that all flight tracker towers will see qual (1.25 times flight predicts) strength levels during their sine sweep testing to flight levels, rather than do a separate sine burst test for each.  The Protoflight Tracker Tower will see a protoflight level sine burst test and a protoflight level sine sweep test.


It is my understanding that all of the composite housings for the crystals will be subjected to strength qualification testing (sine burst).  They then will be assembled with all of their electronics.  A protoflight unit will see protoflight Sine burst testing and sine sweep testing.  The other flight units will see acceptance level sine sweep testing, but do not require sine burst testing.  This is because all composite housings will have been previously strength qualified and that the protoflight unit will be sine burst tested at qual levels.  Response should state this. 

The rest of the response is OK.

Jim Ryan

At 01:50 PM 8/6/04 -0400, you wrote:
Attached are 3 responses to RFAs you wrote at the GLAST LAT PDR and LAT CDR.  Mark Goans, the Code 300 Review chair, has asked that all Project approved RFA responses be reviewed and approved by the originators prior to official submittal to him.
Please review the attached responses and let me know if they satisfactorily close the RFAs you generated.  You can provide your approval or comments back to me and I will distribute them to the appropriate GLAST Project personnel.
Responses are attached for the following RFAs:
GLAST LAT PDR # 44, 47


Thank you for your review and response,
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