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How to get data - End2End runs:1 , 2, 4, 6, 8 towers - LAT Jan '06 (B2 runs as muons) & Rates - FSW runs: LAT April/May '06 (muon hypothesis) -  NRL: LAT NRL '06 Arrival - Vibe - Vibe2EMIEMI EMI2Acoustic - Acoustic2TVAC - Horizontal Pre-TVAC Chamber - Open DoorHot I - Cold I - Hot II - Cold II - Hot III - Cold III - Hot IV - Cold IV - Hot V - Open door - Spectrum Astro: Post-ship-I - Post-ship-II - S/C Integrated - Observatory CPT - Observatory EMI - Observatory Dynamics - Observatory TVAC - UpToLaunch

How to Look at Data

SVAC JIRA  CCB Register Configuration Report (LATTE)

Merit Ntuple Description

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SVAC Ntuple Description - CALTuple description

Databases and GUIs, December 1 2005

Useful things to know about the data quality Digi variables   Recon variables  MC variables


Trigger Engine Configuration

How to filter events


EM versions in the pipeline

Using the Event Display


MC Simulated Data

Mapping from physical space to electronic space

  Housekeeping data

Run NtupleCompare

  Hardware Information with ACD map Data Analysis Examples
  Tower/Bay location info (pdf)  

Data Analysis Software


Other Links

Event Display SAS rdbGui I&T: SVAC, Online, IFCT
HippoDraw Calibration Files Directory Structure ACD, CAL TKR and Trigger
ROOT Installation Calibration Flavors and Instrument Names ISOC, SAS (Offline Workbook)
Unix setup SAS calibration page LAT Analysis Group
  Calibration meeting March 18 2005  (minutes) LAT: @ SLAC , @ GSFC
  Calibration meeting April 15 2005 Beam Test 2006
  How to run calibGenCAL - Handbook Movies!
  Calibration constants (old) - LATCalibRoot - LATMonRoot  
  Eric's calibration talk  


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