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Fermi Openings:


October 2011


o Postdoctoral research position at the ISDC in Geneva



September 2011




August 2011





April 2011


o PhD Positions in Stockholm


o Fermi Post Doc position Saclay


March 2011


o North West University South Africa Chair


o North West University South Africa Professor



January 2011


o Postdoc Positions at SISSA, Italy


o Research Associates at SISSA, Italy


o Technical Postdoc position at CENBG



November 2010


o SLAC Postdoc Positions


o Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Pysics with Fermi


o Postdoctoral Position at Stanford University - Study of the Extragalactic Sky




Other Openings:


November 2010

o Postdoctoral Position - UCLA High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy and Particle Astrophysics

o Fellowships in Astrophysics - Argelander Institut fuer Astronomie, Univ Bonn - by Dec 6


August 2010

o Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Particle Astrophysics

o International Posdoctoral Fellowship INAF


April 2010

o   Grad Student Position - Stockholm






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