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LAT Level Test Case Outlines

LAT00x - LAT Power On

LAT01x - LAT Power Off

LAT02x - LAT Reinitialization

LAT03x - LAT Elect Power Subsystem Performance

LAT04x - LAT Baseline Science Operations Configuration

LAT05x - LAT Register Test

LAT06x - SIU/EPU Hardware Functional

LAT07x - LAT Energy Measurement Calibration

LAT12x - LAT Science Modes

LAT13x - LAT/Spacecraft Interface Test

LAT141 - LAT/Spacecraft Interface Test with SIIS

LAT15x - LAT Ambient TCS Test

LAT16x - Survival Heater Test

LAT17x - LAT Conducted and Radiated Emissions

LAT18x - LAT Conducted and Radiated Susceptibility

LAT20x - LAT Science Performance Diagnostics

LAT21x - LAT Timing Measure & Adjust

LAT22x - LAT Science Operations Demonstration

LAT23x - LAT GRB Handling

Last Modified By Rich Baun, 09/29/06