Tracker Non-Conformance Reports

Note, this is not a LAT NCR database, but just an archive of some of the Tracker NCR-related reports that have been submitted and related presentations, including photos.  In general, reports submitted directly into the NCR database are not included here.  See the SLAC QA and INFN Pisa pages for the NCR databases. 

Date Submitted By Subject File
10/23/03 Sandro Brez Aluminum cores (pdf)
10/23/03 Sandro Brez Aluminum roll (pdf)
11/24/03 Nicola Mazziotta EM Vibe test web page
12/10/03 Sandro Brez Aluminum cores (pdf)
12/17/03 Riccardo Bagagli Aluminum cores crushed cell report (ppt)
3/11/04 Richard Gobin Bias Circuit 1/2 oz Cu MRB Minutes
3/20/04 Richard Gobin Omnetics Connectors Trip Report to Ometics
4/5/04 Joe Cullinan MRB on insert alloy MRB Minutes
5/12/04 Jim Martin EGSE certification Presentation
6/22/04 Francesco Belli Kapton debonding in T/V test of tray panels (pdf)
6/25/04 Dave Rich Bias Circuit Test Coupons MRB Presentation
7/1/04 Giovanni Foglia Kapton debonding from W surface in T/V tests pdf1, pdf2, pdf3
10/6/04 Sandro Brez               Robert Johnson Encapsulation Debonding MRB Presentation 1     MRB Presentation 2
10/6/04 Sandro Brez Connector Interference MRB Presentation
10/15/04 Robert Johnson Clock Duty Cycle MRB Presentation
11/8/04 Sandro Brez Bias Circuit Bubbles MRB Presentation
11/9/04 Robert Johnson Disconnected MCM Channels MRB Presentation
11/12/04 Luca Latronico Bubbles in Bias Circuit Bonding MRB Presentation
12/3/04 Luca Latronico Broken Ladder Wirebonds MRB Presentation
12/3/04 Richard Gobin Conformal coat on connector interface Presentation
12/3/04 Richard Gobin MCM encapsulation lifting Minutes
2/4/05 Tom Himel MCM PWB shorts Presentation


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